Australian boy's Christmas gifts burgled, but Razer saves the day with replacement keyboard, full gaming suite

Adela Courteille's son Callum with his new Razer keyboard and gaming suite.
Adela Courteille's son Callum with his new Razer keyboard and gaming suite. PHOTO: MIN-LIANG TAN/FACEBOOK

Just when it seemed like his Christmas was about to be ruined, a 12-year-old Australian boy received a pleasant surprise from local gaming firm Razer that put a smile back on his face.

On Wednesday night or early Thursday morning (Dec 21), a thief had broken into Callum's family home in the coastal suburb of Dee Why in northern Sydney, stealing their wrapped presents just a few days shy of Christmas.

His mother, Ms Adela Courteille, told Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph that the thief had gained access to two underground garages by breaking through a security door.

There, he stole laptop computers from one of the garages and tools, a credit card and Callum's and his 18-month-old sister's presents from the other.

"I can understand tools and a credit card but what is the thief going to do with a Barbie doll, a small play handbag and other tools for our daughter Chelsea?" Ms Courteille said in the report.

"The presents for our son Callum will be harder and more expensive to replace because they were more specific, like a Razer gaming keyboard.

"What got me is that they were so obviously children's Christmas presents. That's what hurts the most."

On Saturday, Razer co-founder Tan Min-Liang posted an appeal on Facebook for information of the family.

He wrote: "Anyone in Australia can get me in touch with the author of the article or the family? I'd like to make sure the Callum gets his Razer keyboard for Christmas."

A day later, on Sunday, Mr Tan said in an update that the mission was a success.


Besides replacing Callum's stolen keyboard, Mr Tan also gifted him an entire gaming suite.

He wrote: "I'm glad to say Team Razer Australia managed to get our reindeer, sleigh and red outfit together to get him his keyboard ... and an entire gaming suite, all in time for Christmas!"

Together with the post was a photo of Callum sitting next to a Christmas tree with his new presents, all smiles.