10 must-reads for today

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison greeting supporters in Sydney after the ruling Coalition won in Saturday's polls. PHOTO: EPA-EFE
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison greeting supporters in Sydney after the ruling Coalition won in Saturday's polls. PHOTO: EPA-EFE

1 Aussie PM celebrates win

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison celebrated his surprise election win yesterday as the ruling Coalition edged closer to an outright majority that would help it secure its tax plans and avoid adopting tougher climate change action. With 76 per cent of the vote counted, Mr Morrison's Liberal-National Coalition had won 75 seats in the 151-member Lower House, just one short of an outright majority.

2 Modi tipped to return

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to return to power with a clear majority, exit polls have predicted. At least five exit polls showed between 286 and 340 seats for the alliance led by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, out of 542 seats being contested in the Lower House of Parliament.

3 What makes people peep

Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder (CSBD), which can lead to acts of voyeurism, was officially recognised as a mental disorder by the World Health Organisation last year. Doctors said voyeurs suffering from CSBD would not be deterred by jail but require psychiatric treatment.

4 Austria set for snap polls

Austria's coalition government has ended following an alleged corruption scandal. President Alexander Van der Bellen said yesterday he would like to hold snap elections in September.

5 Why Xi's 'win-win' wears thin

President Xi Jinping's familiar "win-win" slogan in China's external relations is not a winner in the United States and the Western world. If the wrong assumptions that underpin Chinese policies are not addressed, expect tensions to worsen, says global affairs correspondent Jonathan Eyal.

6 Drink driving a problem

Over the past three years, 13 people were caught for a third or subsequent offence of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Drink driving remains a problem, with a 17.3 per cent spike in related accidents last year.

7 Eating more rice not the way

Eating more rice does not reduce obesity, said the Health Promotion Board, in response to a recent Japanese study on the link between high rice consumption and low obesity. It advises eating rice in moderation and incorporating whole grains in diets.

8 All eyes on trade war fallout

How much the United States-China trade stand-off has hit Singapore will be seen in gross domestic product and trade reports due this week. One economist says the worsening of the fallout from the trade war is likely to hurt Singapore's external-oriented industries.

9 Panel to run sports body

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation will be run by a five-man interim management committee led by Singapore National Olympic Council vice-president Tan Eng Liang. This move was confirmed yesterday by the problem-plagued association's affiliates at an extraordinary general meeting.

10 Sold-out gigs for pop star

American pop singer-songwriter Lauv tells The Straits Times how social media made him too self-obsessed. The star was in Singapore last week and played to two sold-out audiences at Capitol Theatre. LIFE D8


Behind a winning app

The three co-founders of home-grown app Carousell - recently valued at US$550 million (S$759 million) - talk about their plans and offer advice to budding entrepreneurs in the latest instalment of Lunch With Sumiko. http://str.sg/carousell


Johor's big bus plan

Slated to begin operations in 2022, Johor's Bus Rapid Transit or BRT, aims to help commuters beat congestion and reduce travelling time. http://str.sg/johorbrt

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