Asia Briefs: Two air force pilots in Pakistan killed in crash

Two air force pilots in Pakistan killed in crash

ISLAMABAD • Two Pakistan Air Force pilots were killed yesterday when an F-7 fighter jet crashed during a training mission at a base outside the north-western city of Peshawar. The aircraft was landing after the routine flight when it crashed, the air force said in a statement.


Duterte calls God 'stupid', sparking row

MANILA • Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has sparked an uproar in Asia's biggest Catholic nation after he called God "stupid", prompting a rebuke from church officials who have been instrumental in toppling past leaders.

In an expletive-laden speech last Friday before government officials, Mr Duterte expressed disbelief in the Catholic story of creation and described the teaching that humans have already sinned at birth as a "very stupid proposition".


Laos torches narcotics stockpile

XAM NEUA (Laos) • Laos drug officials torched around 40kg of heroin and tens of thousands of "yaba" pills yesterday, a small but significant fraction of the narcotics burned on World Drug Day in a region awash with illegal substances.

The ceremony was among several destruction events that took place across South-east Asia, home to the infamous "Golden Triangle" - a zone bisecting Thailand, Myanmar, China and Laos that is the world's second-largest drug producing area.


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