Asia Briefs: Tianjin blasts: Safety checks on risky chemicals

Tianjin blasts: Safety checks on risky chemicals

TIANJIN • The Binhai New Area in Tianjin has launched safety inspections on firms that handle dangerous chemicals or goods following warehouse blasts in mid-August. The safety checks, which started on Sunday and will continue until the end of this year, target enterprises in China that produce, store or use dangerous chemicals, as well as companies that transport dangerous goods.


2 Philippine politicians nabbed over murder

MANILA • Two Philippine politicians wanted over the murder of a prominent anti-corruption crusader have been arrested in Thailand after more than three years on the run, the President's Office said yesterday. Joel Reyes, the former governor of Palawan island, and his brother Mario, a former town mayor, were detained in Phuket on Sunday, said a presidential spokesman.


Frozen body delay: 'Govt bureaucracy' to blame

BEIJING • A US firm has blamed Chinese "government bureaucracy" for delays in shipping the frozen body of science fiction editor Du Hong out of the country in the hope that she might later be revived.

In the procedure known as cryonics, the hope is to revive the frozen person once medical technology advances.


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