Asia Briefs: Teacher suspended for blocking train doors

Teacher suspended for blocking train doors

HEFEI • A teacher in eastern China has been suspended after a video went viral of her preventing a train's doors from closing, to buy time for her husband to board it.

Ms Luo Haili, who was with her husband and daughter, was late for a high-speed train travelling from Hefei to Guangzhou, the Xin'an Evening News reported.

Her husband was held up at the ticket barrier, so she blocked the train's doors with her body, struggling with station staff for about five minutes. The family was allowed to board, but Ms Luo has now been suspended from her job at a Hefei school pending an investigation by the local education bureau.

Twitter exchange sparks LGBT debate

JAKARTA • An exchange of tweets between the Indonesian Air Force's Twitter administrator and its followers has sparked debate on whether those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) can serve in the country's Armed Forces.

It started when the Air Force tweeted that soldiers were forbidden from committing immoral acts and would be discharged if they did. A follower replied asking about "the LGBT".

The Twitter administrator's reply was that LGBT people could not join the force, and that such sexual preferences were a mental disorder.


JB petrol station murder: Suspects in Thailand?

BANGKOK • Malaysian police intelligence has revealed that several suspects linked to the murder of a man at a petrol station in Johor Baru might have gone into hiding in Thailand.

Bukit Aman CID director, Datuk Seri Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd, yesterday said efforts were underway to track down and detain the fugitives, including the main suspect, with help from the Royal Thai Police.

The suspects are allegedly involved in the stabbing of a 44-year-old man at a petrol station in Taman Pelangi last month. As the man lay bleeding on the ground, the assailants ran him over twice in their white BMW car.


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