Asia Briefs: Taiwan leader willing to meet China's Xi

Taiwan leader willing to meet China's Xi

TAIPEI • Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen said yesterday she was willing to meet her Chinese counterpart, Mr Xi Jinping, to mend fraying ties.

When asked if she would consider meeting Mr Xi, given the way the inter-Korea summit unfolded, Ms Tsai said her government "would be willing to do anything that is helpful for... peace and stability".


Japan Finance Ministry docks official's pay

TOKYO • Japan's Finance Ministry said yesterday it now believed its top bureaucrat had sexually harassed a female journalist, and it would work to prevent such abuse in the future.

The ministry has come under fire for its handling of the allegations against Mr Junichi Fukuda, who has stepped down over the claims but denies wrongdoing.

It said it would reduce the last six months of his wages.


US jets hold drills around S. China Sea

TOKYO • US Air Force B-52 bombers have carried out training in the "vicinity" of the South China Sea and the southern Japanese island of Okinawa, in what a Chinese newspaper linked to China's drills near Taiwan.

The US Air Force said the B-52s took off from Andersen Air Force Base on the US Pacific island of Guam and "transited to the vicinity of the South China Sea" on Tuesday.


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