Asia Briefs: Philippines, rebels to resume peace talks

Philippines, rebels to resume peace talks

MANILA • The Philippine government agreed yesterday to reinstate a ceasefire with the communists behind one of the world's longest-running insurgencies, despite President Rodrigo Duterte's earlier threat to step up attacks on the group. Negotiators for both the government and the communist-led National Democratic Front also agreed to resume collapsed peace talks.


Malaysia to set up National Dairy Board

ROMPIN • Prime Minister Najib Razak said the Malaysian government is setting up a National Dairy Board early next year to boost milk production and consumption.

The government wants to expand the number of cows in the country by 10 times to 223,000 and for Malaysians to drink 50 litres per person in 2050 from 20 litres a year now.


Wife of ex-leader Hu Yaobang dies

BEIJING • Madam Li Zhao, wife of the late leader Hu Yaobang, has died, her son Hu Dehua told the South China Morning Post.

Hu Yaobang was the Communist Party's General Secretary before he was sacked in 1987 for sympathising with student protesters. His death in April 1989 triggered a wave of memorials and protests in Tiananmen Square, which were put down violently that June, reported the newspaper.

Elephant deals fatal blow at trainer in zoo

TOKYO • An elephant whacked a trainer with its trunk and killed him at a Japanese zoo yesterday, police said.

Mr Wichai Madee from Thailand was washing an Indian elephant with a colleague at Adventure World in the western prefecture of Wakayama when the giant animal swung its trunk and hit him.


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