Asia Briefs: Over 70 policemen killed by Taleban

Over 70 policemen killed by Taleban

KANDAHAR • More than 70 Afghan police officers and five unit commanders may have been killed in a series of attacks in southern and western Afghanistan on Monday night and yesterday, with the Taleban reportedly using night-vision technology in the attacks.

Speaking on condition of anonymity because his account contradicted the official version, a police official said that losses by the police were far worse than announced, with 70 dead officers and 18 police posts overrun. He said five unit commanders were also killed.


New independence campaign in HK

HONG KONG • Hong Kong independence activists stepped up their campaign at schools yesterday, with the city increasingly divided over signs of Beijing's growing influence.

Thousands of leaflets bearing the message "Only independence can defend Hong Kong and protect its people" were handed out at a dozen campuses. Chinese President Xi Jinping had warned during a July visit that any threat to China's sovereignty "crosses the red line".


Decision on India's king of sweets

NEW DELHI • India yesterday awarded West Bengal state "geographical indications" status for "rosogolla" after a years-long battle with Odisha over the origin of the king of Indian sweets. The Commerce and Industry Ministry ruled that rosogollas originally came from West Bengal, dismissing Odisha's claim.


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