Asia Briefs: Manila, Beijing to be 'co-owners' of sea

Manila, Beijing to be 'co-owners' of sea

MANILA • The Philippines said yesterday that it is in talks with a Chinese state firm for joint South China Sea energy resource exploration and extraction, in a proposed deal described by President Rodrigo Duterte as akin to "co-ownership" of contested areas.

Mr Duterte said such an arrangement covering the strategic and supposedly oil and gas-rich sea was preferable to the "massacre" of Filipino troops in a war with China.

Beijing's "offer is joint exploration, which is like co-ownership... I think that's better than fighting", he said during a visit to the war-torn southern city of Marawi.


Indonesia detains subversive elements

JAKARTA • Indonesian police announced yesterday the arrest of 14 members of a network called the "Muslim Cyber Army".

They say the group has been using hacking, online misinformation campaigns and hate speech to push the country in a more conservative direction.

Mr Mohammad Fadil Imran, director of the national police cyber crimes unit, said the suspects are accused of defamation, spreading false reports, and racial and religious discrimination, among other crimes.


Loo and behold: China's tourist app

BEIJING • China's tourism authorities have launched a mobile app which helps tourists locate public toilets within 2km of their location.

The Amap app service includes location and direction information for nearly 500,000 public toilets across the country's most important scenic spots.

It has been visited 15 million times since the start of the year.

The goal is to include all scenic spots, as well as other public facilities such as railway stations and restaurants, and reach as many as 700 million people.


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