Asia Briefs: Indonesia sees sharp rise in diphtheria cases

Indonesia sees sharp rise in diphtheria cases

JAKARTA • Indonesian health authorities will launch an immunisation drive next week to contain a sharp rise in cases of diphtheria, which has killed at least 32 people, including many children, in the world's fourth-most populous country this year.

The health ministry said at least 591 cases had been reported since January, a 42 per cent increase from last year.


Clean fuel plan cut amid China's heating crisis

BEIJING • Beijing scaled back its plan to convert northern cities to cleaner fuel this winter after provinces warned of gas shortages and reports of freezing classrooms deepened concerns about a heating crisis, local media said yesterday.

The deceleration is the first admission from the central government that its effort to switch households and factories in the country's smoggiest cities from coal to gas or electric heating may have been implemented too hastily.


Drone 'nags' Japanese workers to go home

TOKYO • "T-Frend", a drone that hovers over Japanese employees and blares music to force them to go home, was unveiled yesterday as the country tries to reduce its notoriously long work hours.


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