Asia Briefs: Bodies of 17 drowned Rohingya found

Bodies of 17 drowned Rohingya found

COX'S BAZAR (Bangladesh) • Bangladesh coastguards yesterday found the bodies of 17 Rohingya, many of them children, who drowned when their boats capsized as they fled violence in Myanmar that has forced at least 18,500 to seek refuge across the border.

Officials in Bangladesh said growing numbers of Rohingya are trying to cross the Naf River, which divides the two countries, in rickety boats ill-equipped for the rough waters.


Malaysia probes terror angle in murder of cop

SELANGOR • Malaysian police have not ruled out the possibility that the brutal murder of a lance corporal at a police station yesterday was a terror attack, the New Straits Times said.

Lance Corporal Valentino Mesa was slashed in the head, then shot, likely with his own weapon, which is missing. The murder took place on Malaysia's National Day, prompting the police to explore if it was carried out by terror groups such as ISIS, which is known to have plans to attack the country's security forces.

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