Asia Briefs: 8 militants killed by Philippine military

8 militants killed by Philippine military

MANILA • The Philippine military said yesterday it had killed at least eight militants in an operation to stop Islamist efforts to set up base in the country's south.

Armoured vehicles and artillery were used against about 50 gunmen from the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters on Mindanao island on Thursday, a local military spokesman said in a report.

He said troops recovered the bodies of eight gunmen, although they believe the militants carried off 15 other dead comrades.


India allows passive euthanasia, living wills

NEW DELHI • India's Supreme Court ruled yesterday that individuals have a right to die with dignity, allowing passive euthanasia with guidelines in a landmark verdict.

The top court also permitted individuals to draft a "living will" specifying that they not be put on life support if they slip into an incurable coma.

Passive euthanasia will be applicable to only a terminally ill person with no hope of recovery, the court said.


Vanishing publisher: China rejects demands

BEIJING • China on Friday rejected "groundless" accusations by Sweden over detained book publisher Gui Minhai after Stockholm demanded medical access to the Swedish citizen.

Chinese-born Gui was arrested on a train to Beijing in January while travelling with two Swedish diplomats - the second time he has vanished into Chinese custody in murky circumstances.


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