Asia Briefs: 2015 comfort women deal flawed: S. Korea

2015 comfort women deal flawed: S. Korea

SEOUL • South Korean President Moon Jae In said yesterday that a 2015 deal with Japan over South Korean comfort women forced to work in wartime brothels was seriously flawed after Japan said any attempt to revise it could damage relations.

A South Korean panel set up to investigate the deal had earlier concluded that it failed to meet the needs of the thousands of girls and women forced into sexual slavery for Japanese troops during World War II.

In a statement, Mr Moon called the deal a "political agreement that excludes victims and the public" and violates general principles in international society.


DNA test to determine Thai lottery winner

BANGKOK • A DNA test will decide the fate of a 30 million baht (S$1.23 million) lottery prize after a Thai teacher said he lost the winning tickets, which were later claimed by a former police officer.

A bitter legal wrangle unfolded after teacher Preecha Kraikruan, 50, filed a complaint that he had lost the five lottery tickets which won a draw last month.

Forensic police are now trying to determine whose fingerprints match the ticket stubs.


Wildlife deaths spark alarm in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR • The deaths of two sun bears and a tapir in Malaysia sparked fresh alarm among activists yesterday at the growing number of exotic animals dying in the biodiverse country.

The animals are targeted by poachers and their natural habitat has been shrinking due to the expansion of plantations, while hundreds have been killed on busy roads as the highway network has rapidly expanded.


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