Regional Round-up Podcast: Agenda behind Indonesia's president Joko Widodo's meeting with Elon Musk

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has planned to meet up with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, said a minister on May 9, Monday. PHOTO: REUTERS/Yves Herman/File Photo

Synopsis: The Straits Times analyses South-east Asia's top news developments in this weekly podcast.

The Straits Times' regional correspondent Leslie Lopez chats with Money FM's Elliot Danker.

In this week's episode, they discuss the outcome of the Philippine elections and how it might affect the country. Will Johor's new policies be effective to curb migration to Singapore?

And finally, what is the agenda behind Indonesia's president Joko Widodo's meeting with Elon Musk?

Produced by: Leslie Lopez ( & Money FM's Breakfast Huddle team

Edited by: Nadhirah Kamarudin and Penelope Lee

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