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They have to test negative for Covid-19 with a PCR test at the start of the quarantine order, among other criteria.
The epochal election places Germany, a byword for stability, in a new period of uncertainty.

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Forget the old flavours of mung bean and peanut. Instead, think pistachio, durian and cempedak.




    What are the hacks of these influencers, and how much of what one sees on Instagram is faked?
    Serious collisions have plagued Singapore's overcrowded sidewalks in recent years.
    CloseUp investigates why some workers have to pay thousands of dollars to get jobs that few locals want.

    Climate Change

    About 70 per cent of the subsidies come from "under-charging" for the environmental costs associated with the fuels.


    They can help to boost your kids' concentration and memory.
    All primary school pupils will start full home-based learning from Sept 27 until the end of the Primary School Leaving Examination on Oct 6.


    Here are four things about debt you should know.
    Finance industry executive Lawrence Chan could probably write a book about the long-term value of bricks and mortar as an investment, but two phrases sum it up - capital gains and recurring rental income.
    Besides emissions, mining the cryptocurrency also generates e-waste

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