It is an encouraging sign for the dozens of developing countries reliant on the Chinese shot.  

Invisible Asia

Children in the Philippines are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse and domestic violence.
Descendants of a shunned caste are still ostracised in modern times because of their lineage.
Some foreign-born residents continue to be treated like outsiders in the place they call home.

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Dr Gu Falong, 67, and Dr Zhu Ping, 59, create simple TCM content that can be posted on the platform popular with the young.




    The actor-host wants to teach his three children about staying the course.
    Grandparents today are more than just trusted and convenient childcare providers.


    It is no surprise that insurers price premiums according to the hospitals their customers choose.
    Prudential says over 80 per cent of its customers enjoy no-claim discounts.
    Money troubles aren't unusual among people who are beginning to experience cognitive decline.

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