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"I live a very simple life; I worked only for my son. Now I don't know who to work for," said Madam Rahimah.
The measures will be tightened at three main areas of the ports - the entrance, market place and the unloading area. 

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Her horse Tribiani had a cut and a slightly bloody lower lip, and they were eliminated immediately from the dressage.




    Serious collisions have plagued Singapore's overcrowded sidewalks in recent years.
    CloseUp investigates why some workers have to pay thousands of dollars to get jobs that few locals want.
    The burden of such fees leaves migrant workers vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

    Climate Change

    Governments had consistently failed to address the root cause of climate change: "the over-exploitation of the Earth".


    Common last topics will be dropped from the 2021 GCE examinations and more teacher counsellors will be deployed in schools.
    He spent his entire childhood overweight. By 12, he was accustomed to constant teasing about being fat, this writer says.


    The days of exploiting loopholes in the national retirement scheme could be over soon, after the Central Provident Fund Board posted a warning on its website.
    Jixun Foo remembers the deal that won him recognition as a venture capital ace and his first-time entry to the Forbes Midas List.
    He started the company with a friend to generate extra income when he was 17 and studying at Temasek Polytechnic.

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