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Dine-in, social group sizes will be capped at 2, and MOH will publish map of areas frequented by Covid-19 cases.
The restrictions are more targeted this time than in previous phases of "heightened alert" measures, he said.

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In recent months, the databases of several high-profile organisations in Thailand have been breached.




    What are the hacks of these influencers, and how much of what one sees on Instagram is faked?
    Serious collisions have plagued Singapore's overcrowded sidewalks in recent years.
    CloseUp investigates why some workers have to pay thousands of dollars to get jobs that few locals want.

    Climate Change

    About 70 per cent of the subsidies come from "under-charging" for the environmental costs associated with the fuels.


    They can help to boost your kids' concentration and memory.
    All primary school pupils will start full home-based learning from Sept 27 until the end of the Primary School Leaving Examination on Oct 6.


    Many under the age of 30 have a different view when it comes to money owed to the bank.
    Low taxes, stability and capital preservation amid Covid-19 are driving the super-rich to buy homes here.
    There is a lot more to investing than just maximising returns, says finance executive Chuin Ting Weber, who looks at the process with a more analytical eye than most.

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