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State media sheds light on how China selects its most powerful men

BEIJING - Disgraced Chinese official Sun Zhengcai is among those who rigged a vote-based promotion system that China's Communist Party had relied on in the past to select its top leaders, reported Xinhua news agency.

19th party congress: Censors' presence felt more during CCP meet

After China's new top leadership team was unveiled on Wednesday, a beaming President Xi Jinping urged local and foreign journalists to "look closer" at China and report without flattery or embellishment, quoting even a Yuan dynasty poet for effect.

China's new leadership line-up shows a confident and powerful President Xi

In a sign of his confidence in his consolidation of power, President Xi Jinping named two non-allies to the Politburo Standing Committee.

Xi Jinping protege named Guangdong party boss

The party boss of Guangdong province, China's economic powerhouse, has been replaced by a protege of President Xi Jinping, in one of the first of several reshuffles. Mr Hu Chunhua, 54, who had been seen as a potential successor to Mr Xi until in recent months, has been replaced by Mr Li Xi, the party boss of Liaoning province.


Interactive: A-Z guide to China's 19th Party Congress

Here’s a guide to the who, what, where and how of the 19th Party Congress.


Xi Jinping more powerful but still faces some resistance

By having his political thoughts written into the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) charter, President Xi Jinping has gained a lot more power, and this will allow him to get the party into line.

Weighing up China's foreign policy under Xi

Guardian of world order Wang Yiwei China Daily, China


19th Party Congress: Who is Zhao Leji, new chief of China's anti-graft watchdog

BEIJING - Rising political star Zhao Leji  has become China's next anti-corruption czar after he was elected head of the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), the party's top anti-graft watchdog.

19th Party Congress: China signals economic policy continuity as Liu He keeps party role

China re-named Liu He, one of President Xi Jinping's closest financial and economic advisers, to the Communist Party's Central Committee, a signal the country's leaders aren't looking to make significant changes to economic policy as they begin a new five-year term.

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Five new faces in China's top governing body

Here's what you need to know about the 7 leaders, including the five new faces, who sit on China's top governing body.

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Xi Jinping and top Communist Party officials make symbolic visit to Shanghai

SHANGHAI (REUTERS) - Days after taking over as China's leader in 2012, Xi Jinping led other top Communist Party officials to Beijing's National Museum to visit an exhibit on party history entitled "The Road to Rejuvenation".

On front page of China's flagship paper, Xi Jinping gets Mao-like prominence

BEIJING (REUTERS) - The ruling Communist Party's flagship newspaper on Thursday (Oct 26) provided more evidence that President Xi Jinping should be regarded as China's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong after this week's party congress.