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Matthew Lasner uploaded this photo of Ivanka Trump sitting in her seat to Twitter. He later deleted his account.
Matthew Lasner uploaded this photo of Ivanka Trump sitting in her seat to Twitter. He later deleted his account.PHOTO: TWITTER

Passenger who confronts Ivanka Trump gets kicked off JetBlue flight

A passenger was removed from a JetBlue flight in the US after verbally harassing Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, as she headed off on holiday with her family, according to reports.

Fox News said the US President-elect's daughter was flying in economy with her husband, Jared Kushner, her children and several cousins when an unidentified man began yelling at her.

“Your father is ruining the country,” the man said, according to TMZ. “Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private.”

When JetBlue security escorted the man off the plane at JFK airport in New York, he reportedly complained they were “kicking me off for expressing my opinion”.


Donald Trump calls for expanded US nuclear weapons capability

US President-elect Donald Trump called for the country to expand its nuclear weapons capabilities until the world “comes to its senses” - a signal he may support costly efforts to modernise the ageing US nuclear arsenal.

It was not clear what prompted his comment. However, earlier on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia needed to “strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces.”

In a post on Twitter, Trump said, “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”


Now in Turkey, young Syrian Twitter star dreams of return to Aleppo

Bana Alabed, the young Syrian girl who drew global attention with her tweets from Aleppo before being evacuated to Turkey this week, says she hopes to go back to her hometown one day and fulfil a dream.

"When I grow up I want to become a teacher and go back to Aleppo and teach the children of Aleppo," Bana told Reuters in an interview in Ankara.

The seven-year-old and her family were led safely from the rebel-held eastern part of Aleppo this week and later arrived in Turkey where they met President Tayyip Erdogan at his palace in Ankara.


Cat with matted hair 'tentacles' rescued from home of elderly owner with Alzheimer's

An obese cat with hair so matted that if looked like tentacles was rescued from the home of an elderly man with Alzheimer's disease in the US state of Pennsylvania.

The suffering feline, named Hidey, was taken to an animal shelter when her 82-year-old owner was relocated to a nursing home.

Staff of the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Centre shaved 14 years' worth of hair growth from Hidey, with the matted mess weighing in at nearly a kilo.


Autistic girl stuns with performance of Hallelujah

A video of a girl with autism singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah has gone viral due to the 10-year-old's stunning vocals.

Kaylee Rodgers, who has autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, sang the song at her school's Christmas show.

She is a student at Killard House Special School in Northern Ireland and is often shy, says headteacher Colin Millar - except when she sings. "When she sings, she just opens up. To stand and perform in front of an audience is amazing. It takes a lot of effort on Kaylee's part."