Florida man dies, turtle survives after freak road accident with motorised bicycle

WASHINGTON - A man was killed after apparently hitting a turtle with his motorised bicycle in a freak traffic accident in Florida, reports said.

Mr David Kervin, 51, was found on the road near the motorised bicycle, and the turtle was seen a short distance away.

Investigators told Florida Today that the man lost control of his bicycle and was thrown off.

They said the accident, which happened at around 3.15am on Wednesday (Nov 30) in Indian Harbour Beach, was "rare".

Mr Kervin, a waiter, apparently suffered a head injury. It is not known if he was wearing a helmet.

There was no evidence that another vehicle was involved, the report said.

The small turtle, described as a box turtle, survived the crash with a small crack in the bottom of its shell.

It crawled away with minor injuries.

A spokesman with the Florida Highway Patrol Kim Montes told Florida Today of another crash involving a turtle.

"Somehow the driver clipped the turtle at such an angle that it tossed the turtle into the windshield of another car," Ms Montes said.

"The troopers got there and pulled it out of the windshield and put it in a nearby body of water.

"It happens, but it's very rare."