Rubi's viral birthday invitation which reaches 1.2m people: 5 other parties that got out of hand

Rubi Ibarra and her family inviting "everyone" to her 15th birthday party in La Joya, a small village Mexico.
Rubi Ibarra and her family inviting "everyone" to her 15th birthday party in La Joya, a small village Mexico. SCREENGRAB: YOUTUBE

Rubi Ibarra is all set to celebrate her 15th birthday on Dec 26 with more than a million people, if everyone who said online they would attend turns up.

Memes, sponsorships and TV interviews proliferated after the video invitation to her birthday party in La Joya, a village in Mexico, went viral.

Local authorities said that police will be deployed in case the party gets out of hand.

Judging from past instances, it is better to be safe than sorry:

1. Hundreds gatecrashed London party

In 2014, riot police had to shut down a party in London after 300 teenagers gatecrashed the event.

Police dogs, a helicopter and ambulances were deployed.

Neighbours living near the house in Eltham, south-east London, said they were shocked to see hundreds of young people in the streets.

It is not known who threw the party, but the invitation went viral on social media, eventually attracting more than 400 people.

2. Netherlands party became a riot

In 2012, a party in the Netherlands actually turned into a riot, with shops looted, cars set on fire and people injured. More than 30 people were arrested.

Thousands turned up after a 16-year-old girl's birthday party Facebook invitation was accidentally sent to 30,000 people.

The authorities said there was a core group that was "well-prepared" and violent.

3. Family home trashed after England party


In 2010, 15-year-old Rachel Ross' family home was badly damaged after more than 50 people descended on a party she publicised on Facebook. It was held without her parents' knowledge, while they were away.

Valuables and antiques were stolen, and her father's collection of Samurai swords were ripped out and embedded in the walls of the house in Wallasey, Merseyside.

The TV remote control was melted in the microwave, among other damage that cost tens of thousands of pounds.

4. Southern England party called off due to overwhelming response

In 2010, Rebecca Javeleau's party for her 15th birthday was cancelled after an invite meant for 15 people went viral. She had mistakenly put her privacy settings as public.

About 21,000 responded, and her mother decided not to risk it.

She also banned her daughter from using the Internet for a time .

5. American teen's birthday brightened by avalanche of well wishes

Here's a heartwarming one. No one turned up for Hallee Sorenson's 18th birthday party and the autistic teenager cried into her cake.

Before her 19th birthday, her cousin Rebecca Guildford asked friends and family to send birthday cards to Sorenson.

The response was overwhelming and they got more than 20,000 cards.