Retired British archbishop calls for church reform

LONDON (AP) - Retired Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor says the Catholic Church needs renewal and reform after a new pope is chosen.

He says the "pope's own house" must be put in order.

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor said on Tuesday that many bishops and cardinals believe the next pope should be more collegial in his governance of the sprawling church.

He said the pope is a unifying figure but cannot govern effectively without a "real association" with the bishops.

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor spoke the day after Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigned his archbishop position in Scotland and said he will not attend the conclave to choose the next pope after allegations of "inappropriate behaviour" surfaced.

That leaves Britain without a say in the selection. Eighty-year-old Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor plans to attend, but he is not eligible to vote.