Nato forces kill insurgent behind American soldier's 'insider' killing

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - An Afghan soldier-turned-insurgent who was feted by the Taleban for killing an American soldier during an insider attack in eastern Afghanistan last year has been killed in a raid, Nato said on Monday.

Nato said the insurgent, identified only as Mahmood, and an accomplice, Rashid, died in last Wednesday's operation in eastern Kunar province's Ghaziabad district. No other details were provided.

Mahmood was thought responsible for the May 11 killing of US Army 1st Lieutenant Alejo Thompson, who died during an insider attack on a base in Kunar. The attack also wounded two American soldiers.

After he fled, a man named Mahmood was highlighted in a Taleban video that showed him being welcomed as a hero while entering an insurgent camp. In the video, he was shown in his Afghan army uniform, his US-made M-16 assault rifle, and with garlands of flowers around his neck. The Taleban claimed he had defected to their side.

Killings by uniformed Afghans of foreign soldiers and civilians rose dramatically last year. According to Nato, "insider attacks" killed 61 coalition personnel in 45 incidents last year, compared to 35 killed in 21 attacks a year earlier. In some cases, militants have donned Afghan army or police uniforms to attack foreign troops, and a number of attacks have also been carried out by members of Afghan security forces against their own comrades.

Insider attacks have dropped sharply after Nato forces took steps to mitigate them, including having armed "guardian angels" looking over troops as they sleep.

There has been only one insider attack so far this year, the Jan 7 killing of a British soldier in southern Helmand province by a man in an Afghan army uniform.

Foreign military casualties have sharply decreased as Afghan forces take the lead for security and the coalition takes a back seat. So far this year, eight foreign soldiers have died, including three Americans.