Aleppo Twitter girl Bana Alabed is back online

Bana Alabed (above) has tweeted that she is fine after her family was forced to flee their home.
Bana Alabed (above) has tweeted that she is fine after her family was forced to flee their home.PHOTO: TWITTER

Seven-year-old Bana Alabed is back online after appearing to post her final tweet from Aleppo on Monday (Dec 5).

"Hello my friends, how are you? I am fine. I am getting better without medicine with too much bombing. I miss you. - Bana #Aleppo," her tweet on Tuesday read.

Bana has attracted over 200,000 followers worldwide with her tweets about the siege of Aleppo in Syria.

But on Sunday night, her mother Fatemah, who manages the account, had posted: “We are sure the army is capturing us now. We will see each other another day dear world. Bye.” 

The account fell silent for 24 hours, prompting concerned followers to launch a #WhereisBana hashtag.

Then on Monday, an ominous message was posted asking for prayers and saying goodbye.

The posts prompted deep concern for Bana and her family's welfare among her followers. Online supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have bashed the account and have sent Bana and her mother death threats, said AFP. And in an October interview with Danish broadcaster TV2, Assad alleged that footage posted by Bana was “promoted by the terrorists or their supporters”.

But her father spoke to AFP on Tuesday to say that the family was safe and well.

As Syrian government forces edged closer to their home in recent days, the Abed family fled.

“Our house was damaged in bombardment,” her father Ghassan told AFP by phone from east Aleppo, two-thirds of which has been seized by advancing government forces.

“The army got really close to our neighbourhood. We fled to another part of east Aleppo and the family is doing well,” he said, adding that “the Internet connection is very weak here.”

Bana's mother created the Twitter account for her daughter in late September to "share our life here to the world'' as the Syrian army launched a major offensive to recapture Aleppo.

"Hi I'm Bana," the @AlabedBana account says in its profile. "I'm 7 years old girl. I and my mom are tweeting live from East Aleppo. Account managed by mom."

Their mournful and shocking messages - with videos capturing the sounds of bombing and Bana on camera pleading for help - grabbed the world's attention.

Tuesday's message brought some relief and gratification for Bana's followers: