Germany: Sexism debate prompts surge in complaints

BERLIN (AP) - Germany's official anti-discrimination body says an online uproar over a senior politician's alleged sexist remarks has prompted a surge in complaints about workplace harassment.

Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency chief Christine Lueders says a weeklong flurry of tweets using the hashtag "Aufschrei" - German for outcry - appears to have emboldened women to speak out about sex discrimination at work.

The debate was sparked by a female journalist's claim that Rainer Bruederle of the governing Free Democratic Party made suggestive remarks about her figure last year.

Mr Bruederle hasn't commented on the claims, but party officials have questioned their timing days after he became the FDP's top candidate in upcoming national elections.

Ms Lueders said on Wednesday at least half of all German women have experienced unwanted advances or other sexual discrimination at work.