Giant Christmas display dazzles visitors in Germany's Bavaria

Thousands of lights and Christmas images decorate a home in Bavaria, delighting adults and children alike.VIDEO: REUTERS

MAINBERNHEIM (REUTERS) - It's that time of year again in Mainbernheim, Bavaria, where one house draws crowds of visitors with its festive illuminations.

Thousands of fairy lights and illuminated figurines decorate the house of Rosa Kraemer in the Bavarian region of Lower Franconia.

"It's great to have something like this here with all these lights. We've noticed that there aren't that many decorations in Lower Franconia, and this is something really extraordinary. I can only recommend it," visitor Mario Jung told Reuters.

"I think it's wonderful here, and you really have to admire all the work that's gone into it. You get such a Christmassy feeling when you come here," added Manja Jung.

Rosa Kraemer's granddaughter Sabrina Bauer helps set up the lights each year, which she says takes six to eight weeks.

For Rosa Kraemer, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without lighting up her house.

"When it's decorated for Christmas then you get that proper Christmassy feeling. I find the lights soothing. We don't have flashing lights because they're not soothing. And I think it's nice, it's a nice atmosphere," she said.

The house is illuminated every day between 4pm and 10pm between the First Sunday of Advent and Jan 6.