Famed London pub covered in 85 Christmas trees

Visitors stop to snap photos of Churchill Arms in London, which is covered top to bottom in Christmas trees and decorations estimated to cost around 25,000 pounds (S$44,710).VIDEO: REUTERS

LONDON (REUTERS) - You can't miss the Churchill Arms in London - it's the one completely covered in Christmas trees and twinkling festive lights.

The popular pub has 85 trees adorning its exterior, five inside and a glittering display of 22,500 lights.

"We never planned to do all this, you know," said Irish landlord of the Churchill, Mr Gerry O'Brien.

He's been running the traditional pub in the affluent borough of Kensington and Chelsea for 32 years.

His lavish seasonal decorations started back then with just one humble 3.7m tree on the balcony of the pub.

This year's eye-popping display has been a hit on social media and has attracted even more visitors.

"Everyone stops, takes photographs, people coming in to us, it creates a lovely, a special feeling for the time of the year," said Mr O'Brien, who has seen the tills ringing with record profits.

He has spent around £25,000 (S$44,700) on the Christmas decorations, but says it's worth every penny.