Circles in the sand a big draw

Sand artist Marc Treanor's intricate design took shape on the North Beach at Tenby Harbour in Pembrokeshire, Wales, on Wednesday.

He discovered a hidden talent for creating these designs about 10 years ago, when he wanted to keep his children entertained while they were on holiday. Mr Treanor, 54, who never pursued a career in art, said he was inspired by crop circles. He told Wales Online: "They used to appear all over the world but predominantly in Wiltshire (in England). I was a bit of a crop-circle nut and used to go over every year and explore them, and even camp out in them. But mainly, I was thrilled by their beauty and geometric perfection."

Mr Treanor said there are three steps to creating sand art - drawing a pattern, laying it out with a stick and string on the beach and, finally, highlighting the dark areas with a garden rake.

Part of the joy he gets from creating sand art is derived from its impermanence, he told the website.

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"It is funny - people often ask if it is sad to watch them wash away but... there is something about that which makes it special; it reflects the bigger things in life."

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