Britain's finance minister Philip Hammond revealed as pet owner behind dog's Instagram account

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond
Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip HammondPHOTO: REUTERS

Britain's Chancellor Philip Hammond has been revealed as the pet owner behind an Instagram account for a dog named Rex, entitled terrierabouttown.

Rex - Mr Hammond's Welsh terrier - has over 600 followers, compared to his master's almost 58,000 followers on Twitter.

The account is thought to be run by Mr Hammond's wife, Susan Williams-Walker, and features Rex going out for walks, praising his "human brother" and "sister" for their achievements, and lounging around the family home and at Number 11 Downing Street - the official London home of Britain's Chancellor.

Rex, seen here in a screenshot from his Terrier About Town Instagram account, belongs to Britain's Chancellor Philip Hammond. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Mr Hammond does not feature in any of the photographs, but is affectionately referred to as "dad" in some captions, says a Mail Online report.

The light-hearted account was made private on Tuesday (Dec 27) after the nature of its existence emerged, reports said.

It features captions from Rex in the first person and the biographical information says: "I'm a Welsh Terrier called Rex with a newly acquired canine brother but I'm still the King of my household! I love walking, shopping and eating out!" said the Mail.

The "newly acquired canine brother" is a Daschund called Oscar, the Mail reported.

Despite the fact his "dad" is in charge of  the country's financial and economic matters, Rex rarely makes any political posts.

However, a few posts make reference to his owner's importance in government, the Mail reported.

In one photograph, Rex is seen perched on a chair next to a stack of cups and biscuits on a wooden dining table.  The caption reads: "Committee meeting at my house today. Boring, snoring and she won't even let me try out the biscuits!"

Other posts see the hound reading newspapers and magazines to inform himself on "Grexit" and sitting outside a polling booth during Britain's 2016 "Brexit" referendum on its divorce from the EU.