Brexit Britain's PM left hanging in 'awkward' video from EU meet

Theresa May fiddles with her cuffs as other European leaders greet each other in Brussels.
Theresa May fiddles with her cuffs as other European leaders greet each other in Brussels.PHOTO: TWITTER

Video footage has surfaced of Brexit Britain's prime minister, Theresa May, appearing to get the cold shoulder among European leaders.

Video tweeted by journalists covering Thursday morning's (Dec 15) event in Brussels shows Mrs May fidgeting with her cuffs as her European counterparts greet each other warmly and chat, says the Telegraph, and was being shared widely online.

EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, greets the prime minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, with air kisses and a friendly pat on the back.

To many it symbolises the European Union's attitude towards Britain following the decision to leave the EU in June in a referendum, said the Daily Mail.

The 28 leaders were gathered in the Belgian capital to discuss migrants, Turkey, Russia and Donald Trump.

But EU leaders excluded Mrs May from their dinner later so they could discuss their Brexit plans in secret. 

The video triggered mirth online, with BBC Home Affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford labelling it "Brexit, in a single shot".

One Twitter user replied to the BBC's Sandford, saying the other people attending the summit were behaving like "a bunch of children in the playground".

"Ugggh I can't watch this it's waaaaay too awkward," says Twitter user Patrick Lindsey.

However, the journalist said it wasn't "all bad" for Mrs May, posting another video in which she is seen talking and smiling.