Animals on the run: 8 times escaped animals caused havoc on roads

A sloth that wandered out of the jungle but could not adapt to life in the fast lane in Ecuador.
A sloth that wandered out of the jungle but could not adapt to life in the fast lane in Ecuador.PHOTO: FACEBOOK/TRANSIT COMMISSION OF ECUADOR

A runaway ostrich named Chickaboo caused some disruption to road traffic on the Kuala Lumpur Federal Highway last week, and a spike in online traffic.

After that, videos of animals on the loose in Malaysia came fast and furious, with a horse, a pig and a cow seen dashing on the roads. The video of the pig was taken last year, while that of the cow was from 2013.

Whether it's flightless birds running "afowl" of traffic rules, lions roaring down a motorway or piglets hogging lanes, animals running wild on roads have caused fur-ores in many parts of the world.

1. Bolting boar

A wild boar lies on the road after it dashed onto the road on the Woodlands-bound SLE. PHOTO: SHIN MIN READER

A wild boar dashed onto the Seletar Expressway and crashed into a motorcyclist in April.

The impact threw the 40-year-old logistics worker 2m to 3m away. The boar died, while the motorist fractured his shoulder.

2.Birds of a feather

Two peahens were on the loose in Dubai near the Dusit Thani Dubai hotel last month, the National reported.

They managed to evade staff who tried to capture them for their own safety. They were presumed to be escapees from a nearby palace.

In Dubai, the owners can be fined Dh500 (S$183) for escaped animals, or Dh2,000 for an escaped camel.

3. Lion on the prowl

A lion that had run away from Nairobi's fenced national park made its way to a main road, and mauled a 63-year-old man in March.

A video shows motorists honking at the animal as it padded along the side of the road.

The noise may have agitated the predator, resulting in the attack, said the Kenya Wildlife Service.

4. Tiger crossing

A young tiger with a broken chain around its neck wended through the busy traffic in Doha in March.

It appeared to be an escaped pet. While it is illegal to keep wild animals as pets in Qatar, it appears to be a popular practice.

Footage on Instagram showed a man in white, probably the owner, dragging it out from under a car.

5. Road hog

Also in March, a piglet stopped traffic in San Francisco during the morning rush hour.

By the time animal control officers arrived on the scene a crowd had gathered to try to catch it, said CBS.

It was nabbed by a construction worker and taken to an animal shelter, reports said.

6. Unicorn-gestion

A helicopter with a heat-seeking radar was activated in February to locate a white pony dressed up as an unicorn for a children's party.

Juliet the "unicorn" evaded arrest for several hours, and trotted in and out of traffic on a busy road in California.

A resident with a horse helped the police approach Juliet and herd it into "custody".

7. Sloth in the slow lane

This cute little mammal was not on the road but clinging to a crash barrier on the side of the highway in Los Rios, Ecuador. The disoriented sloth was saved and examined by a vet before being released back to the wild, in what was called "the most adorable highway rescue", CNN reported.

Photos of the incident that the Transit Commission of Ecuador posted in January this year went viral, and were shared more than 20,000 times.

8. Llamas on the lam

A pair of llamas running through Sun City in Phoenix, Arizona, made it to international news and sparked a media frenzy in the US in February last year.

They were brought to a retirement home to visit an ex-llama rancher as a form of therapy, said USA Today.

They provided entertainment for the whole nation instead, as they escaped capture again and again.