US Senate bids farewell to Vice-President Joe Biden

Senate lawmakers bid farewell to US Vice-President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

WASHINGTON, DC (REUTERS) - Senate lawmakers bid farewell to US Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday (Dec 7).

Mr Biden spent 36 years in the US Senate representing Delaware before being tapped to serve as President Barack Obama's vice president.

Delaware Senator Chris Coons, also a Democrat, who took Mr Biden's Senate seat said serving in his seat was the greatest honour of his life.

"In a place known these days for some disagreements my colleagues, our colleagues, Republicans, Democrats and independents are all here today because we agree on one powerful and simple thing our deep gratitude for the difference that you've made in your decades in public service," Mr Coons said.

During the afternoon of praise from both sides of the aisle Democrats and Republics praised Mr Biden for his demeanor and ability to develop relationship with all members of the chamber.

"Mr President. You've been a real friend. You've been a trusted partner and it's been an honor to serve with you. We're all going to miss you. God speed," said Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell who serves as Republican Senate Majority Leader.