Brave Brazilians take BBQ to death-defying heights

LIMEIRA, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL (REUTERS) - A group of Brazilians took a national pastime to dizzying heights as they looked to set a new world record for the largest number of people seated at a dinner table suspended high in the sky.

The attempt took place in Sao Paulo state off an abandoned bridge some 28 metres high. A large table was hung off the bridge about 20 metres above the ground, complete with its own grilling station to feed the 102 abseilers rappelling down to eat a Brazilian barbecue known as churrasco.

Mr Alan Ferreira said he had been organising the world record attempt for two months now. He told Reuters this was the first time such a large aerial dining experience has been undertaken using rappel.

Guinness World Records have not yet issued an official statement confirming the Brazilian record attempt.