1.2 million say they will attend Mexican girl Rubi Ibarra's birthday party after Facebook invitation goes viral

LONDON - Police will be deployed to a small town in Mexico after 1.2 million people said they will attend a teenager's birthday party in response to a Facebook invitation that went viral, BBC reported.

The birthday girl, Rubi Ibarra, her father Crescencio and her mother Anaelda posted a video on Facebook inviting "everyone" to her 15th birthday party on Dec 26.

"Hello, how are you? We invite you this 26 of December to the 15th birthday party of our daughter, Rubi Ibarra Garcia," Mr Ibarra says.

He ends by saying that "hereby everyone is cordially invited".

The party at La Joya in the state of San Luis Potosi will feature three local bands and a horse race.

The winner of the horse race stands to win 10,000 pesos (S$670).

Girls come of age at 15 in Mexico, and their 15th birthday parties or quinceañera can be lavish, but Rubi and her family clearly meant "everyone" in their village and the area.

It is not clear why the video went viral, but it became so popular that memes about it have flooded the Internet.

Some suggested that more people will turn up for the party than at a Queen or Metallica concert, while an airline is riding on the hype to promote flights to her home state.

Mexican airline Interjet published a promotion offering a 30 per cent discount on flights to San Luis Potosi, under the tagline: "Are you going to Rubi's party?"

Some companies have even offered sponsorship deals for the party.

Mr Ibarra was shocked at the attention the invitation was getting, and wanted to keep the party to friends and family at first, but he later relented, The Guardian said.

"Everybody who wants to come, you're all invited," he said.

Local lawmaker Roberto Alejandro Segovia Hernandez said police would be deployed to the village and the roads leading to it in case the crowds who said on Facebook they would attend really did appear in La Joya, BBC said on Wednesday (Dec 7).

Some netizens have joked that a deal was struck between US President-elect Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto  to allow undocumented Mexicans to come home for Rubi's party.