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SINGAPOREANS are a well-travelled lot, at least going by the photos that have streamed in for The Straits Times, Wherever You Are contest.
A stunning night-time picture of the Singapore skyline outshone more than 4,000 entries to win the top prize in The Straits Times' Wherever You Are contest.
A FAMILY outing has thrown up a winner for 42-year-old Suhaimi Abdullah, a freelance photographer.
KEEP the faith - these words, scrawled in an alley behind Rex Cinema in Mackenzie Road near Little India, are not mere graffiti to dancer Charmaine Tay, 21.
MR AHMAD Iskandar Abdullah could have very easily missed the snapshot that just netted him $1,000 cash.
MR WONG Chek Poh likes to catch up on the news back home whenever he is overseas. He takes his favourite sections of The Straits Times with him so he can read them on the plane or in his hotel room.
HE WAS parking his car when he had an epiphany.
SUN, sea and slide: the key components of a winning snapshot?
You have read their reports and seen their photo bylines. Soon you can hear them speak about their beats, and appear in videos, too.
Aspiring film-maker Shreya Jagdish was one of 40 Straits Times readers who attended a workshop with RazorTV yesterday.
A SIMPLE yet moving snapshot of her 86-year-old father reading The Straits Times at the dining table has bagged ST reader Selina Wee a cash prize of $1,000.
AMONG the 650 entries submitted in the first week for the ongoing The Straits Times, Wherever You Are contest, one video stood out. Mr Sufyan Adil Supiani made a heartwarming video showing him tenderly singing Jason Mraz's I Won't Give Up to three kittens.
When Ms Wong Poh Peng, 55, took a break from viewing paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a recent trip to New York, the first thing she did was check The Straits Times (ST) app on her iPhone.
Experienced videographers from The Straits Times RazorTV will be teaching readers how to shoot professional-looking videos with devices such as smartphones, DSLRs or video cameras.
Here is how to live it up: Get behind the wheel of BMW's super-sleek electric cars in Munich, fly to London with your loved one, watch an award-winning Singapore film and enjoy a VIP experience at the Singapore Grand Prix's night race.
If you're on the go, senior transport correspondent Christopher Tan will keep you in the know. And if you're ever bored on those long MRT journeys, consider taking part in the Straits Times' new contest, Wherever You Are.
What better way to have fun than to kick back at the cinema with a bucket of popcorn and a great film? Glimpse some movie magic in the reviews and interviews of John Lui, film critic, and maybe capture some of your own on film for the Straits Times' new contest, Wherever You Are.
Together with sports correspondent Rohit Brijnath, look under the skin of Singapore's sports scene to find these stories in his columns and commentaries. And while you're keeping fit, fit some time in for the Straits Times' new contest, Wherever You Are.
Whether you're looking to grow your nest egg or make a killing in shares, senior money correspondent Goh Eng Yeow's columns will come in handy. And while you're at it, cash in with the Straits Times' new contest, Wherever You Are.
Singaporeans are among the most well-travelled folk in the region. Pack your bags and follow in travel writer Lee Siew Hua's footsteps - but don't forget to snap some travel memories for the Straits Times' new contest, Wherever You Are.
Whether breakfast, lunch and dinner, the foodie heaven that is Singapore comes alive in Tan Hsueh Yun's mouth-watering columns. If you are one of those Singaporeans who can't resist snapping photos of everything you eat, put that trigger finger to good use in the Straits Times' new contest, Wherever You Are.


1st Prize: Tung Hon Keng, IC: SXXXX003A

Mr Tung wins $3,000 cash, a pair of return tickets to London, a five-day stay at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel and a pair of exclusive Chelsea Hospitality tickets to the Chelsea vs Manchester City match on Oct 27. Mr Tung and his travel partner will be treated to lunch where they will meet former Chelsea greats. He is also the Week 3 winner and receives an extra $1,000

2nd prize: Robin Tan, IC: SXXXX808Z

Mr Tan wins $2,000 cash. He is also the Week 2 winner and receives and extra $1,000. 

3rd prize: Selina Wee Su Lin, IC: SXXXX025C

Ms Wee wins$1,000 cash. She is also Week 1 winner and receives and extra $1,000

Three other weekly prize winners get $1,000 each:

Ahmad Iskandar Abdullah, IC: SXXXX839E

Charmaine Tay Chu Hui, IC: SXXXX924H

Suhaimi Abdullah, IC: SXXXX249D

8 Lucky draw winners get $500 each:

Tan Kai Teng Kaye* SXXXX560G
Boo Lee Eng* SXXXX491Z
Ho Li-Wen Venessa* SXXXX039H
Michelle Per* SXXXX304Z
Eileen Ng, SXXXX837G
Chew Keng Han Jeremy, SXXXX522B
Lau Bee Yong Jocelyn, SXXXX926H
Uma Rani Sankaranarayanan, SXXXX078G
* As these are winners are direct ST subscribers, they will have their prize money doubled


5 merit prize winners get $300 each:


Sean Ng, SXXXX856F
Law Yi Fan, SXXXX251J
Wong Chek Poh, SXXXX455I
Wong Poh Peng, SXXXX734F
Joey Ng, SXXXX246D

Terms and conditions

The lucky draw will be held on Aug 26 at Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). 

By participating in this contest, you give consent to SPH to use the photo/video submitted as we deem fit.

Contestants must agree to having their entries used in any SPH medium, as well as be involved in any publicity.

Staff of SPH and their immediate family members are not eligible to join the contest.

This contest applies only to Singapore citizens and permanent residents. 

By participating in this contest, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms & Conditions in their entirety.

We reserve the right to amend the Terms & Conditions of the contest without prior notice.

Winners will be notified by SPH and results published online and in the paper.