Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015
The most romantic thing he has done for me is to say “no”.
The most romantic thing that he did was holding my hand while we strolled down the Marina Bay Sands Helix Bridge.
My husband is not the type who whispers sweet nothings or plans romantic surprises.
My husband is not a romantic person.
Vikas encourages me daily to always be my best.
I love diving whereas Jerome is a non-swimmer.
My hubby sent me to work and fetched me home over the past 11 years, from courtship to marriage.
My husband proposed to me by collecting more than 3,000 saga seeds over a few months.
During my two-month hospital stay when I was pregnant with our second child, my husband would visit me daily without fail.
Being perfect - that's the most romantic thing Zach has ever done for me.
The most romantic thing my wife has given me was our third-year wedding anniversary card.
When I shared a painful childhood memory with him, he reassured me that he would always be my pillar of support.
Upset that my new heels were stolen, I told my boyfriend about it.
He passed his only mobile phone to me to use when mine was broken, and when I needed Internet access for a meeting.
The first time he held my hand after three months of dating, he promised to hold my hand wherever and whenever we are together.
My husband brought me to the newly opened Gardens By the Bay on my birthday.
He gave me a homemade surprise, filled with effort and love.
My hubby is a businessman who flies almost every week.

ST Contest: Winners of Orchard Central vouchers

Congratulations to the following winners of the Straits Times Valentine’s Day Contest.
These eight readers will be receiving dining and shopping vouchers worth $2,000 in total, courtesy of our partner Orchard Central.

Top prize: Diana Koh Beng Choo, Sxxxx060H
She wins TungLok Seafood (5 x $50) and Dr Martens (5 x $50) vouchers worth $500

2nd prize: Lai Lei Khim, Sxxxx009Z
She wins TungLok Seafood (3 x $50) and Dr Martens (3 x $50) vouchers worth $300

Six prizes:

Bindiya Nandwani Fam, Sxxxx525C

Chew Mei Ching, Sxxxx409G

Lim Chun Chyi, Sxxxx688B

Pooja Udeykumar Chandiramani, Sxxxx113G

Nah Siew Keow, Sxxxx507D

Diana Giam, Sxxxx217F

They win TungLok Seafood (2 x $ 50) and Dr Martens (2 x $50) vouchers worth $200 each

Winners will be contacted to collect their prizes.