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Urgent need for jobs, homes as city recovers

Typhoon Haiyan left at least 6,200 people dead and four million displaced. Much of the debris has been cleared, but Tacloban's residents are still in need of jobs and permanent shelter.


Death still stalks the children

Singaporean Sylvia Chen with nine-year-old Joyce Lequin in a hospital in Tacloban city in the central Philippines. Ms Chen has been visiting the city regularly since 2008 as part of a church outreach programme.


More than 200,000 still homeless

A woman and her child in Tacloban's coastal community, where housing is mostly patched up with scrap materials.


Filipino rebuilds his life and helps others

Mr Pete Lacandazo, 58, with his grandsons Jerald (in green), eight, John Paul (second from right), 12, and adopted grandson Rex (right), 13, at the mass grave of their 22 perished family members in San Joaquin church in Palo, Leyte.


Singaporean's bid to help rebuild affected areas

Singaporean Julian Tan has raised funds to build a school with typhoon- and flood-resistant materials in Albuera, Leyte. He also plans to build homes for families in Aluera.


Recovery efforts elsewhere

Japanese prefecture Fukushima is still picking up the pieces more than three years after the March 11, 2011 nuclear disaster, which occurred after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami overwhelmed the country.


MANILA (AFP) - About a thousand traumatised survivors of the Philippines' deadliest typhoon fled their homes in one central province following false rumours of a tsunami, civil defence officials said on Sunday.
MANILA (REUTERS) - The Philippines' post-typhoon reconstruction could take as long as 10 years, with the leadership of President Benigno Aquino put to a test amid complex problems such as property rights, missing title deeds and land zoning, experts said on Wednesday.
The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has raised $3.8 million for victims of Typhoon Haiyan since it launch an appeal for donations on Nov 11, said SRC secretary-general Benjamin William on Wednesday.
About 500 Singaporeans and Filipinos attended a solidarity mass led by Archbishop William Goh at the Church of Saints Peter and Paul on Tuesday evening.
TACLOBAN, Philippines, (AFP) - Mr Rodico Basilides visits a forlorn cross that stands as a memorial to his family who died in the catastrophic Philippine typhoon, one of countless survivors who are being forced to grieve without professional counselling.
MANILA (AFP) - The Philippines said Sunday it will plant more mangrove areas to prevent a repeat of the deadly storm surges that claimed hundreds of lives during Super Typhoon Haiyan earlier this month.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines held a mass at San Isidro, Tacloban, Leyte, where over 100 bodies would be buried, on Sunday morning.
MANILA (REUTERS) - The US military has begun scaling back its emergency relief operations in the Philippines as work shifts to recovery and rehabilitation in typhoon-hit areas, a US aid agency official said on Saturday.
TACLOBAN, Philippines (AFP) - The number of people dead or missing after one of the world's strongest typhoons struck the Philippines climbed towards 7,000 on Saturday, as the United Nations warned much more needed to be done to help desperate survivors.
TACLOBAN (AFP) - Supplementing the quickening relief effort trying to help survivors of the Philippines typhoon is an informal - and sometimes underground - supply chain that is helping some people put food on the table.
MANILA (REUTERS) - The World Bank said it raised to almost US$1 billion (S$1.25b) its financial aid package to support relief and reconstruction in typhoon-devastated areas in the central Philippines, as the toll of death and destruction kept rising more than two weeks after the storm.
MORE businesses – from banks to grocery stores – are reopening, two weeks after Super Typhoon Haiyan damaged almost 95 per cent of Ormoc city in Leyte province. Traffic flow is much smoother now that the roads have been cleared, city councillor Ruben Capathi told The Straits Times at the relief operations centre in City Hall yesterday. Water supply is also no longer a problem, he noted.
TACLOBAN, Philippines (AFP) - More than 1,000 Japanese troops were offered a warm welcome in the Philippines on Friday as they prepared to launch relief operations across typhoon-devastated islands that were brutally occupied by Japan seven decades ago.
BALANGIGA, Philippines (REUTERS) - In the devastated coastal Philippine town of Balangiga, a Roman Catholic belfry with a maroon steeple rises from the rubble, a battered symbol of resistance for a people with mixed feelings about the US military now helping them survive.
Leonard Cataaz is only eight, but he wanted to help his mother rebuild his house which was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan on Nov 8. A day after the super typhoon hit, the young boy had tried to chop off a tree branch that fell on his house, when he accidentally dropped the knife onto his toe.
BURAWIN, Philippines (AFP) - The super typhoon that slammed through the central Philippines laid waste to a vast region of coconut farmland, eradicating in one fell swoop the livelihoods of tens of thousands of smallholders.
TACLOBAN, Philippines (AFP) - Kyrie Boniface is only a few hours old and seven weeks early, born before dawn in an under-equipped and over-crowded hospital in the typhoon-ravaged Philippine city of Tacloban.
HONG KONG (REUTERS) - China is sending a state-of-the-art hospital ship to the Philippines following foreign and domestic criticism that it was slow and less than generous in its response to one of the world's biggest typhoons, which killed at least 4,000 people.
TACLOBAN, Philippines (REUTERS) - The streets around Tacloban's biggest wet market bustled on Wednesday with residents rebuilding their shattered lives 12 days after the city was reduced to matchwood and rubble by one of the world's biggest typhoons.
MANILA (REUTERS) - The first batch of Chinese relief supplies has arrived in the Philippines, Chinese state television said, days after Beijing drew criticism for not doing more to help victims of one of the world's biggest typhoons.
TACLOBAN, Philippines (AFP) - Clouds of flies rise as forensic pathologist Cecilia Lim opens body bags one-by-one, in a grim but crucial search for the identities of unknown typhoon victims in the Philippines.
MILAN (REUTERS) - The typhoon that hit the Philippines has resulted in crop losses worth US$110 million (S$137 million) and an overall damage to the agriculture sector of more than twice that figure, preliminary estimates from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) showed on Tuesday.
MANILA (REUTERS) - The cost of rebuilding houses, schools, roads and bridges in typhoon-devastated central Philippines could reach 250 billion pesos (S$7.14 billion), making it likely that the government will seek cheap loans from development agencies, a senior official said on Tuesday.
MANILA (AFP) - Some 600,000 survivors of a deadly typhoon that tore through the Philippines are yet to receive World Food Programme assistance, the body said Tuesday, 11 days after the disaster struck.
I spent the best three years of my life in Tacloban City. It was where I met my two best friends in university in the 1980s. It is also where my closest cousin lives.



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