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Haze update

3-hour PSI reading for Singapore at 7pm: 58 (Moderate) | 24-hour PSI: 49 - 56 |  Click for more details »

How PSI will change

JAKARTA (AFP) - Indonesia's disaster agency warned on Wednesday that haze could return to neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia after a huge jump in forest fires in a province at the centre of a smog crisis last year.
COMPANIES here are readying themselves for the onset of the haze, with precautions ranging from redeploying staff and stockpiling masks to cutting back on work if needed.
SINGAPORE - The air quality till Tuesday at 6pm is expected to be in the moderate range, the National Environment Agency said on Monday evening in the first of its daily haze forecasts for the haze season.
SINGAPORE - With the haze poised to hit the island in the coming weeks, the People's Association (PA) on Saturday started distributing 26,000 care packages to elderly and sickly residents living alone.
Singaporeans will get daily haze forecasts and health advisories from Monday as the start of the southwest monsoon may lead to haze.
The seasonal haze in South-east Asia, caused by fires to clear land in Indonesia, has affected air quality in neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia for years. Indeed, it has become an almost annual occurrence.

Why air quality drops at night

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