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E-book to open doors to Myanmar

Published on Dec 15, 2012 6:00 AM
Myanmar Sunrise is a downloadable e-book available from early next month. 

THE gates of the once-reclusive Myanmar have swung open, but what is happening inside remains a bit of a mystery.

Is the opening up for real? Is the much talked about economic boom for real? And what does the man in the street make of it? Questions swirl even as Yangon makes great strides in dismantling controls that have held the country back.

Chances are that you are already invested in the Myanmar story - the world's newest democracy experiment and the region's last great economic frontier.

Perhaps you are intrigued by the unlikely torch-bearer in President Thein Sein, or captivated by the understated glamour of the serene Ms Aung San Suu Kyi.

Maybe the entrepreneur in you sees Myanmar as the next Asian tiger. Is it a window of opportunity for you? Or, if you plan to sample the unspoilt charms of the Golden Land, what should you pack before you go?

The Straits Times brings you "Myanmar Sunrise" - downloadable on your iPad from early next month.

The Straits Times' Indochina Bureau Chief Nirmal Ghosh and a select team of writers and insiders will capture the story of Myanmar's awakening in this interactive book. You will find essays by ST Foreign Editor Ravi Velloor, ST Life! writer John Lui and loads of pictures and videos by prize-winning photographers Sim Chi Yin and Neo Xiaobin.