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Many fans gather at Social Star Awards for YouTube stars, not music superstars

Published on May 23, 2013 7:24 PM

About 200 people waited at Marina Bay Sands on Thursday afternoon to see the stars who will be arriving for the inaugural Social Star Awards later that night.

The list of stars in attendance at the gala ceremony celebrating the most popular names in the social media world include American rockers Aerosmith, Gangnam Style singer Psy, Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen and American soul-pop singer CeeLo Green.

But most of these fans, largely teenagers, were not there for these music celebrities - they were for waiting for non-mainstream names such as YouTube stars such as Ryan Higa, known for his comedic videos, and PewDiePie, a Swedish man known for his entertaining game commentaries who has more than 7 million fans.

PewDiePie fans, in particular, who are known as the Bro-Army, were especially enthusiastic.

Student Cedric Yap, 17, said: "He brightens up my darkest days. He really cares for the Bros' feelings."

His friends, Brightman Sio and Chow Shi Kai, both 16, added: "He is really genuine. He takes into account what the Bros want him to do."

Schoolgirls Lauren Lye, 13, Isabelle and Jodie Monteiro, 13 and 15, Francine and Kasey Quek, 15 and 13, said they were fans of Higa and PewDiePie, and other YouTube stars such as singer-actor Chester See.

From Tuesday to Thursday, they had rushed from their school, Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Toa Payoh), to Marina Bay Sands, where they lingered for five hours each day in hopes of catching these stars.

Victoria Lim, 18, also a student, skipped school to catch a glimpse of Higa.

She said: "I followed him since 2008, back when his videos were actually of lower quality."

Most of the fans managed to see at least some of the stars and even take photos of them.