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Reader's Contribution: Mum who loves zipping around the world

Published on May 7, 2013 8:00 PM
Mrs Betty Yong pictured at Prague, the capital in the Czech Republic, in December last year. -- PHOTO: ALISON YONG YEE PENG

My mother, Mrs Betty Yong, loves travelling. She is 62 this year.

Last December, we took a three-week Europe trip to Italy, Prague, Austria and London. It was one of the most memorable trips with her because it was a free-and-easy trip and she had to lug the heavy luggage from one train station to another. A seasoned traveller, Mummy has been to China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Germany, Paris, UK and the United States.

Five years ago, my mother lost her spouse of 31 years to cancer. She is an excellent caretaker. She would plan my father's meals each day and bring him for his regular check-up and treatments. It is not easy taking care of a cancer patient and though it was hard, she was very patient with my late father. 

On Mother's Day, my family and I want to wish her Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for your care, concern, love and laughter. We are very fortunate to have a mummy who cooks superbly and with love for the family. Thank you for being a fantastic grandmother. We love you.

The writer is a teacher and she is the eldest child in the family.