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Top 10 ‘Did You Knows’ About Singapore Polytechnic

Published on Dec 19, 2012 3:32 PM
  1. Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is the first and also the largest polytechnic in Singapore. At 38.5 hectares (about 40 football fields), SP has tonnes of cozy hangouts for its students.
  2. SP has many places for you to chill and relax. Have a meal at any of SP's five food courts, KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks, Subway and Ya Kun Kaya Toast. You can also hang out at Moberly, a relaxation facility where you can sing, dance, jam or play a game of snooker with your friends.
  3. SP has many sports facilities including a gym and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. SP is also the first tertiary institution in Singapore to have a skate park right smack in the middle of the campus. Its new sports hub in 2014 will feature state-of-the-art sports facilities that will take sports in SP to the next level.
  4. Singapore Polytechnic has over 120 CCA clubs for you to choose from. Join the arts group and get a chance to perform at the Esplanade. Sweat it out with the sports groups or be a beacon of hope by serving the less fortunate. There will definitely be one that suits you.
  5. Being the greenest campus in Singapore, SP is the first and only polytechnic to win the President’s Award for the Environment. Bask in the greenery and garden-like facilities of its campus such as the InnoVillage, constructed using recycled materials, which was also awarded the Green Mark Platinum Award.
  6. SP has 10 academic schools offering over 50 full-time diplomas ranging from Applied & Health Sciences, Architecture, Design & Environment to Business, IT & Humanities and Engineering. Whether you want to be an architect, designer, engineer, entrepreneur, journalist, sailor or scientist, SP has the courses to make you work-ready.
  7. Lessons in SP are not confined to the classroom. SP exposes its students to out-of-class room learning to give them a more authentic learning experience. An example is its off-campus retail store, SPeLL, at Changi Aiport Terminal 3. Run by SP Business School students, the store provides them real-life experience of managing a business.
  8. Many SP graduates have furthered their studies in top local and overseas universities. Its graduates are everywhere, from NUS, NTU, SMU to Harvard University, Imperial College London and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  9. SP students get to travel around the world for their internships. Alaska, Cambridge, Boston, Hollywood, Florida, Dubai, Beijing and many more – these are just some of the places that SP's students get to travel for their internships. Its students have even gone to Harvard for internships.
  10. SP students not only travel overseas for internships, but also for overseas expeditions, international immersions and foreign enrichment programmes. Travel with your friends to Europe for a learning journey, or scale Mount Kilimnajaro with them. See the world and gain new perspectives.