Taiwan protesters to end occupation of Parliament: Student leader

Students protest leaders Lin Fei-fan(front centre left) and Chen Wei-ting (front centre right) shout slogans during an occupy protest against a contentious trade agreement with China inside the Parliament building in Taipei, on April 7, 2014. -- PHOTO: AFP

TAIPEI (AFP) - Taiwanese protesters who have occupied Parliament for three weeks to try to block a contentious services trade agreement with China said on Monday they would end their protest this week after claiming success.

The demonstrators – mostly young students – occupied the main chamber on March 18 in the island’s first-ever such protest.

“We’ll walk out of Parliament at 6pm on Thursday. We also invite all friends to come and meet us outside parliament,” student leader Chen Wei-ting announced in a televised press conference.

Mr Chen said the sit-in had stopped President Ma Ying-jeou from pushing through a “secret deal between the Kuomintang party and Chinese Communist Party”.



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