Profiles of Delhi gang rape suspects


NEW DELHI (AFP) - Details of the suspects in the fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old student have emerged from Delhi police statements and media reports:

Ram Singh: The alleged ringleader is a 35-year-old widower whom police and neighbours near his home in Ravi Dass colony, a slum in south Delhi, describe as a rowdy, heavy drinker. He was the regular driver of the white private bus alleged to have been used for the crime, which was normally used to ferry school children. Originally from the western state of Rajasthan, police say he and friends had a meal together and had been drinking heavily before deciding to take the bus out for a night-time joyride.

Mukesh Singh: The 26-year-old brother of Ram Singh who works as an occasional driver and cleaner of the bus. He is accused of taking part in the rape as well as hitting the woman and her boyfriend with an iron rod.

Vinay Sharma: A 20-year-old gym assistant and fitness trainer, who has apparently confessed to beating up the boyfriend but denies raping the girl, according to The Hindu newspaper.

Akshay Thakur: A 28-year-old helper on the bus from the impoverished eastern state of Bihar. He is also accused of trying to destroy evidence by helping to wash the bus after the incident.

Pawan Gupta: A 19-year-old fruitseller reported by The Hindu to have said “I have done a horrible thing ... I have done a bad thing” during an earlier court appearance when police sought permission for an identification parade.

Suspect no. 6: A minor whose name cannot be given for legal reasons. He is reported to be 17 years old. Police are checking his age with a bone test.