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Why is reading on the move a good habit to inculcate?

The NLB mobile app.

Reading is a good habit. It nurtures minds by bringing knowledge, improving language, and boosting memory and analytical skills.

Yet surveys show that many adults don’t read. Many just don’t have the time, or face distractions from other entertainment sources, like TV and online media. With long hours spent at work, picking up a book can also be a real challenge.

One way to re-introduce the reading habit is to get books out of the libraries and bring them to people on the move. Under the National Reading Movement’s Reading On The Move initiative, the National Library Board has launched its NLB Mobile App to encourage people to read on the go.

The app makes it easy for train and bus commuters to read on the way to work and back by allowing them to download e-books, short reads and other reader-friendly content on their own mobile devices anytime, anywhere. 

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