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NLB Mobile App: Why it is a great convenience?

The NLB Mobile App.

Because it’s easy to use (all you need is a phone or tablet).

Because you can get instant access to the National Library Board’s huge collection of e-books, audio e-books and curated short reads.

Because you can read anytime, anywhere – whether you’re at home, on the MRT train or bus, or waiting in the queue.

Because you can bookmark the next title you’re eyeing after you’ve finished your gripping novel.

Because you can stay abreast of library events and sign up for those that suit your fancy.

Because you can recommend titles you think NLB should include in its collection.

Because you can get unlimited access to Lonely Planet travel guides for the first year, and to classic novels like The Hobbit and The Life Of Pi for three months.

Because you can now borrow up to 8 e-books, just like you can borrow 8 hardcopy books.

Because it’s available on both iOS and Android. What are you waiting for?

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