The Straits Times
Published on Mar 09, 2013

Dating agencies offer report cards to help clients


Financial analyst Y.L Tan, 28, thought she had covered all the bases: donned a pretty dress, brushed her hair, asked polite questions and kept eye contact with her date.

But when this did not blossom into a followup meeting, she asked dating agency Lunch Actually - which set up the date - why?

The post-mortem of the date, conducted by the agency, gave her the answer: she had treated the restaurant staff as 'invisible', such as not thanking the waiter for bringing her food and wine, or for opening doors.

Dating agencies offering "exit interviews", where they ask a client's former dates what happened when things did not work out, let clients know their "blind spots" to improve their chances of dating success, said Ms Violet Lim, 33, owner of Lunch Actually.