The Straits Times
Published on Mar 07, 2013

Cabbies' appeal: Make our roads safer


NATIONAL Taxi Association (NTA) members have observed that the number of disputes and accidents arising from traffic incidents has been on the rise recently.

As drivers, we are concerned and want our roads to become safer. Everyone can play a part. Starting with our fellow taxi drivers, the NTA is committed to doing more to strengthen road safety.

The need to earn a decent income for our families has led us to become one of the most frequent road users, with each cabby spending up to 14 hours per day on the road.

Like everyone else, we also want to arrive home safely every day. While many road users act responsibly, some are less patient. This may lead to more traffic disputes and accidents.

We urge fellow motorists to join us in making our roads safer. Enforcement measures are effective, but a holistic approach will be more effective.

We call upon the Traffic Police to step up its outreach programme and involve all of us to work out suitable educational and preventive measures to keep our roads safe for everyone.

Wee Boon Kim


National Taxi Association