The Straits Times
Published on Feb 27, 2013

Host of fishing programme on TV is an unlikely hit with 12-year-old girls


Eric Young says he has 12-year-old girls who are his fans. But he is no pop star or hotshot TV actor. He is host of the Animal Planet show, Off The Hook: Extreme Catches, about unusual and often dangerous fishing methods.

Young, 34, says: "I get stopped in the airport, you know, by young girls as early as the age of 12 saying they watch the show and they love it. They don't like fishing because fish are 'gross' and they don't like touching them, but it's still a fun show to watch."

Season 1 - which is currently airing in Singapore on Animal Planet (StarHub Channel 424) every Monday at 9pm - features stunts such as Young trying to catch a sand shark with pantyhose - and succeeds.

He hints that the second season of the show will be even more extreme than the first, with episodes set in the harsh cold waters near Alaska, an ice festival in Minnesota and even under ice dives.